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Sustainable communities must be mutually beneficial. Join our team to help and be helped. Local housing marketplaces are for families to invest and improve their living conditions.

Key Clients

To stimulate inclusive real estate investments in Louisville metro, our clients are diverse!

  • Homeless families
  • Elderly or Handicapped Individuals
  • Tenants desiring to be homeowners
  • Tenants on Section 8 Housing Program
  • Tenants about to be evicted
  • Prospective first-time homeowners
  • Homeowners desiring to avoid foreclosures
  • Moving homeowners desiring to sell quickly
  • Moving homeowners desiring to lease out
  • Landlords needing help to manage properties
  • Investors desiring mutually beneficial leaseholds
  • Residential developers seeking mutually beneficial opportunities
  • Employers seeking to use housing incentive to attract critical employees
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