What We Do

Our Mission: Rehabilitating homeless people, preventing homelessness resulting from foreclosures and evictions, and empowering the low-income households to find decent and affordable homes in suitable living environments

We work directly with people because there is a broad range of residential housing needs in that households negotiate with one another among themselves. Therefore, we counsel, educate, rent, lease, seek assignments, assign, hold, maintain, manage, buy, sell, transfer, and invest in various equitable interests in residential landed properties.

Our Charitable Housing Programs

Local Housing Marketplace Research and Advocacy Program

                                     1. Providing you firsthand information about our neighborhoods

                                     2. Training sessions for building equity in your homes

                                     3. Foreclosure prevention and predatory lending forum

                                     4. Training sessions for prospective homeowners

                                     5. Forum for residential real estate investors in Louisville Metro; etc.

Transitional and Emergency Housing Program

                                      1. Housing to move from homelessness to improved living conditions

                                      2. Housing for the month-to-month tenancy to get back on your feet

                                      3. Emergency shelter for cooperating tenants about to be evicted

                                      4. Other emergency housing needs

Community-based Real Estate Management Program

                                        1. Partnering with landlords for mutually beneficial leaseholds

                                        2. Finding a mutually beneficial lease for section 8 tenants

                                        3. Helping tenants to become homeowners; etc.

Affordable Homeownership Program

                                           1. Partnering with a single-family homeowner in equity sharing

                                           2. Leasehold homeownership arrangements

                                           3. Partnering with investors; etc.

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