There is need for social change in the housing market because it is the largest expense it in many families. It is first need to consider before one moves to live and work in any community. It is a personal decision to invest or just rent as a consumer in that community. Public policy is to leverage every American family investing in landed property for a decent home. Therefore, every family should normally be interested to invest in the community. However, rental homes have become confused with homeownership due to inconsistent public policy administration in the housing market. Americans have become less concerned about the landed property rights of every citizen because of the confusion. Many families are oblivious of their responsibilities to invest in landed properties for decent homes in their various communities to improve their living conditions. It is possible to get every family involved as investors in their various communities.

Families, irrespective of sizes of their incomes, could collaborate as investors in their local housing marketplaces. Such collaboration could take the form of voluntary network of existing and prospective homeowners to ensure effective management of equitable values of their landed properties for mutual benefits. The approach would complement public policy in local housing marketplaces.  Although every family could be involved, it requires some knowledge of real estate management and the nonprofit sector to provide the social change leadership. Since rent or monthly mortgage payment is the largest expense item in many families, they could collaborate to invest through a community-based nonprofit organization. The purpose is to help one another become homeowners, mutually protect their home equities, and secure some measure of financial security. Such social entrepreneurial approach to investing could complement public policy in local housing marketplaces.

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