Our Mission: Rehabilitating homeless people, preventing homelessness resulting from foreclosures and evictions, and empowering the low-income households to find decent and affordable homes in suitable living environments

Community Housing Market Support Network (CHMSN) Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 Christian-faith-based nonprofit organization under the Internal Revenue Service code. The organization is based on the concept that low-income families and the poor will always be an integral part of any country’s economy while they depend on charitable assistance and generosity to one another in their communities (Deuteronomy 15: 4 & 11). Therefore, CHMSN Inc. provides nonprofit real estate services and management for low-income households and the poor as leverage in line with the Christian principles of associating with those in low positions (Romans 12: 16). Since houses are capital resource assets, every family directly or indirectly receives some public assistance or leverage through financial engineering of the housing industry. The financial engineering makes helping families to meet their housing needs go beyond the traditionally charitable assistance. The housing market has evolved into the communal strategy of leveraging one another through home mortgage loans. Therefore, community-based nonprofit organizations are needed to complement public policy in the housing market and ensure social justice.

Such nonprofit organizations are needed because public policymakers have translated the invaluable mutual benefits of the communal strategy into monetary values for property tax, sales tax, user fees, and utility surcharges making complementary public policy imperative in local housing marketplaces. Otherwise, the housing finance system cannot evolve into equitable access for every family to have a decent home as reasonably envisaged in the goal of the United States’ Housing Act of 1949. The mainstream thinking about the free market economy remains dominated by individualism, personal achievements, and competition with unsettled gaps in knowledge and practice in local housing marketplaces. While policymakers now tend to rely less on the traditional progressive income tax principles for economic efficiency to promote capitalism, renting homes to meet their housing needs has become the necessity for low-income households.

Therefore, our networking and innovative real estate management strategies in Louisville metro will involve:

  • helping individuals and families to find affordable housing and to become homeowners
  • helping families to become a network of investors collaborating to protect their home equities
  • helping low-income households to prevent foreclosures
  • providing homeownership counseling to help low-income households build equity in their homes
  • helping to rehabilitate the homeless and providing a range of temporary shelter for households
  • providing real estate management and services for single-family homes, small-scale investors, and landlords

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